Anime – Play it Cool, Guys

I am completely OBSESSED with Play it Cool, Guys. Not only do they have an anime BUT a manga and they just started on the live action show which I cannot wait to watch!

Anime (2022)

At first glance, these guys look cool and handsome. You want to get closer to them… but then you realize they’re all clumsy! They forget their wallets, turn on their music on the train without putting their headphones in, put on glasses when they have their contacts in, stab bendy straws backwards into drinks, walk around with a shoehorn that they thought was an umbrella… Despite being so clumsy, these guys never forget to play it cool. We’ve collected snippets from their daily lives where they do their clumsy best into 15-minute segments, and we’ll be bringing you two cours! Once you see them in this clumsy comedy that’ll heal your soul with laughter, you’ll probably fall in love with them, too.

Manga (2019)

They’re so goofy, they’re cool. Enter: a group of cool guys who seem like they’ve got that unapproachable swag. But look closer and you’ll find a bunch of dorks who’ve gotten the act down pat. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy watching these clumsy dudes try to look cool all day, every day.

Live Action (2023)

Kokone Nata’s Play It Cool, Guys (Cool Doji Danshi) manga is inspiring a live-action series on TV Tokyo on April 14. TV Tokyo opened an official website on Friday, and it reveals a visual that teases the cast:

There are four volumes in this series and 146 pages for the first two volumes and 154 for the last two. There are 24 episodes in the anime and I am very excited to watch the live action version as well. The cast of the live action is also ridiculous. We have Yuta Nakamoto of NCT 127, Takumi Kawanishi of JO1, Dori Sakurada, and Maito Fujioka were cast to play the main roles. Ive seen a clip of the show and I am so excited!!! It took me two seconds to read the manga and I am finishing the anime up tonight when I get home and I am so excited.

What are you currently watching? Let me know in the comments below!


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