Mary Ellen Pleasant Memorial Park

The neighborhood of Pac Heights have some spooky tales about the rich and famous, stories that include allegations of murder, voodoo, blackmail, seances, family feuds and hidden treasures. Todays ghost story is about the 19th century voodoo queen of San Francisco Mary Ellen Pleasant also known as Mother of civil rights. Pleasant was a speculated as a murderer when her lover had fallen to his death from the second story of their Octavia street home also known as the House of Mystery House.


Some say she blackmailed some of the richest men in San Francisco and practiced voodoo. The voodoo rumors were never confirmed or denied but she encouraged the rumors by walking around the streets with a crystal ball in her hand. Pleasant passed away January 4, 1904 and even though she passed away residents and neighbors still claimed to see her spirit hanging around. Unfortunately, the house burned down in 1925 and was replaced by Green’s Eye Hospital in 1927. Mary Ellen Memorial Park, one of the smallest parks in San Francisco where her spirit now hangs about. Some say if you make a respectful request of the voodoo priestess and find favor with Mary it will come true. If you disrespect her or say bad things about her expect objects to be dropped on your head, or fallen suddenly as if someone pushed you. Be careful of what you say when visiting the park, you never know who might be lurking as a crow or in her human form.


The Curran Theater!

November 28, 1933, Geary Street was filled with people waiting to take their seats for the revival of Show Boat, which only had four performances left at the Curran Theater and two days before Thanksgiving a man shoved his way to the front of the line at the Box Office. Without a word a man pulled out a revolver and killed Hewlett Tarr the ticket taker of the nights performance, with one shot. Tarr acquired his position after graduating Lowell High School, to support his single mother. It took the police three weeks to catch the 25 year old electrician Eddie Anderson, who claims to have shot Tarr because he wanted easy money to show his girlfriend bight lights. Anderson admitted to committing robberies because his professional job did not provide enough funds.


Guests who visit the theater say that Tarr has never left, they see him standing in the lobby while others say you can see him in the mirror of the lobby. Some, have reported a little girl  haunts the theater as well. Reports say that the little girl died across the street from the theater. The next time you visit Curran Theater, keep a look out for some ghosts hanging around.


Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths were developed in 1894 by Adolph Sutro, the self-made millionaire who designed Sutro Heights and later the second cliff house. He constructed an ocean pool aquarium among the rocks north of the cliff house. Sutro expanded his oceanfront complex by creating a massive public bathhouse that covers three acres. It housed seven swimming pools at various temperatures, which also included slides, trapezes, springboards and high dives.


The Pacific ocean during high tide could fill the 1.7 million gallons of water required for all the swimming pools in just one hour. In addition to swimming, Sutro Baths could hold up to 10,000 guests and offered their visitors many other attractions including concerts, talent shows, and restaurants.


Over time the baths became less popular, due to the great depression, reduction in available public transportation and new public health codes. Eventually, Sutro Baths closed in 1966 and burned down in June of the same year. The remains of the pool offer a glimpse into San Francisco’s past.


Rumors have reported human sacrifices performed in the tunnels and caves that once made up the Sutro Baths. Some say if you visit the baths at night and light a candle at the end of the tunnel a spirit will come and pick it up and throw it into the water. Some claim if you look at the crevices in the caves you can see figures in bathing suits and umbrellas like Sutro Baths were in the day.


San Francisco Art Institution​

San Francisco Art Institute is a beautiful building that was built in 1926. From the opening day of January 15, 1927, students thought something wasn’t right about the tower. Bill Morehouse, a live-in night watchman in 1947, claimed to hear footsteps up to the first, second, and third floor where he would watch the handle to his door turn and his door opening and shutting but never saw anyone. An ex-faculty member Wally Hendrick said he was working one night when all the tools in the sculpture studio room would go on. In 1968, the ghostly encounters got worse due to the ghost turning evil. A plague of evilness started occurring to the students who worked the night shift things from motorcycle accidents to family tragedies.


During the renovation in 1968 of the tower, workers reported several encounters with frustrated ghosts who would tear up the furniture. Construction had to be delayed for several months due to a series of near-fatal accidents that were blamed on the spirits. Some construction workers quit due to the fact that they were scared of the site. Psychics were called in where they had a seance in the tower to find out that the “frustrated ghosts” were actually generations of frustrated students.


Stow Lake


Golden Gate Park was established in 1871 by John McLarin, who served as the parks superintendent for 53 years. The park currently measures at 1,017 acres of land which currently houses many large music festivals and recreational events such as, Outsidelands, Alice 97.3 summer event, and 4/20. It is also home to many attractions such as the de Young museum, Academy of Science, the Japanese Tea Garden and of course the famously haunted Stow Lake.


Stow Lake is famous for its ghost story involving a mother and her baby. Her story varies but has been told over a 100 years. One story says she killed her baby and herself in the lake, while others say she was walking around the lake when she decided to converse with a women when her babies stroller rolled into the lake. After asking if anyone has seen her baby she went into the lake herself and drowned.


On foggy nights, people have reported seeing a distressed lady in white stalking the rim of the lake. Some say she approaches them begging them to help her find her baby, while others have only heard her cries. It is rumored if you go to Stow Lake today and repeat “white lady, white lady I have your baby” three times she will emerge from the water while other say her statue comes to life.



One of the most popular spots in San Francisco, is Alcatraz: it opened August 11, 1934 and after 29 years of operation on March 21, 1963. Some say its closed because of the disappearance of Morris and the Anglins, other say it was a decision made long before the 3 disappeared due to cost. Alcatraz was built as a military prison which was later converted into a federal prison. It housed thousands of prisoners over the years; many killed during prison fight and prisoner take overs which means there are some lingering spirits hanging around.


There have been a ton of reports about voices, footsteps, sounds of cell doors opening and closing along with cold spots throughout the building, mainly in the dining hall. A number of guards have reported extraordinary experiences that include sounds of sobbing, moaning and terrible smells. Unexpected disturbances that occurred in the isolation block of the prison known as “the hole” or the “strip cells”. This level was the bottom floor of the prison in cell block D where they kept inmates who broke the more serious rules of Alcatraz.


A man claimed a strange creature with glowing eyes tortured an inmate. The guard assumed the inmate was crying out for attention but they found him in the morning strangles with hand marks around his neck. According to the autopsy there was no way he could have done it to himself. Some believe the guards on duty did it to him but other believe “The Thing” is to blame. The inmate became a ghost of Alcatraz as he was reported in a line-up with the other unmates but promptly vanished.

Do you believe that Alcatraz is hunted? Or do you thinks it’s just our imagination?


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